Issue 3 | Spring 2017




Lindsey Danis

Bovine and Defenseless

Charles Rafferty

A People’s History of Fayette County

Jeff Bakkensen

Swimming Without Walls

Denis DuBay

And Then the Sky Was Full of Fire

Jared Leonard

Roadkill Octet

Dawn Reno Langley

Goat Massacre

Erik Bosse

The Heretic of Cooke County

Gary Reddin

Uber Trouble

Alexander Carver



“If I Feel Physically As If The Top Of My Head Were Taken Off

Ed Bok Lee

Walking the Bone Path


Dragontooth Children Blues

John Sullivan


Richard Kostelanetz

Spoiler Alert(s)

Larry O. Dean

The Romance of the Night Sky

John Grey

Amber Fort, India

Alessandra Narváez Varela

Quiet Prophet

Emily Marie Buehler

Because Someone Said, Make Art About Risking Delight

Rebecca Macijeski


Leonie Mikele Fogle

Let Us Hear From You

Frederick Pollack

Friend of the Family

Tyler Sheldon

Your Mother

Katharyn Howd Machan

To Those In Childhood Who Once Drew A Cornflower Blue Coffin That Was Secretly A Spaceship To Bypass Heaven

Ed Bok Lee

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Razor is a multimedia literary journal founded to publish literature and art, and to investigate the inner workings of the creative process. We’re a publishing lab, experimenting in ways we read and share artistic work, and using the digital medium to explore what a literary journal can be.

Each work published in this magazine has an accompanying essay revealing the creative process behind it, in our Before the Razor series.

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