Napalm was mythical in its implications Before the Razor of "Blast"

Click here to read “Blast” by Leonie Mikele Fogle.

Because I’m an older writer, the Vietnam War continues to hang over me. My mother cried on a near daily basis as she watched the nightly news. Napalm was mythical in its implications, its affect on the young and old, its lingering effects on the environment. The burns from nuclear detonation live in my consciousness, too. The experience of receiving radiation treatment for breast cancer, as a panacea rather than a destructive force, struck me as wildly ironic.

This poem was generated fairly quickly, there haven’t been dozens of edits, as happens sometimes, from the first draft until now. It’s a simple description of the banal series of events in a morning spent at radiology—the waiting, the inevitable eyeing of the other patients, the climbing onto the table, the meditation (personal praying), and the daily picking through lunch. I thought it was better to keep the poem short and blunt, rather than trying to pack in additional concrete images, commentary, or manipulating the speaker’s voice to be something other than what it is, a voice very close to my own.


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