Quiet Prophet Emily Marie Buehler

She has swallowed
the Red Sea. Tell her,

where else was it
supposed to go,

all that water? Do you
really think one man

could just make it
disappear? Swollen belly

and mouth full, for her
there is no stillness,

waves and fighting fish
inside her. But always

she has done what
the Lord has asked. Her

lips are covered in brine;
she only speaks small words,

and who would hand her
stone tablets, looking like that?

BEFORE THE RAZOR button ver 2

Emily Marie Buehler is an educator and emerging poet. She often examines our complicated personal relationships with injustice and responsibility, as well as resistance and courage. She has a masters in international conflict resolution, lives with her husband and son on her family farm in southeastern Minnesota, and is currently completing her MFA.

Featured photo by N G via Flickr Commons